/Elevate - July cohort

Elevate - July cohort

Radhika Mohta

6 modules


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Boost your dating skills with relationship science, real examples, and exercises for modern dating success.


Feeling lost among a sea of options and apps in the world of dating? Want to date mindfully, find your partner and be in a long-term relationship? We got you covered!

Simplify your dating journey with Elevate cohort!



10 attachments • 30.74 mins


Dating is a skill

3 questions to ask yourself

WHY do you need a partner

Your favorite person

Score your dating life

Love meditation

Manifestation letter

Content diet

Self sabotaging beliefs and dating affirmations

Clarity exercises

13 attachments • 43.72 mins

Dating tendencies




Clean slating

Non negotiables and negotiables

Attachment styles

Test - Attachment Style

Personality types

Test - Personality Test

Love languages

Take Love Language Test

Role model

The best time to act is now!

8 attachments • 31.85 mins

Bucket list of activity date

What makes you awesome and unique

Introduce yourself


Using apps to your advantage

Social media revamp

Conversation frameworks



6 attachments • 22.24 mins

Meet people IRL

Date me document

Small talk

Be compliment worthy

Go on a real date

Is he/she 'the one'?

Making progress from here on

1 attachment • 1 mins

How to connect with me

LIVE sessions with Radhika

5 attachments

Elevate - July cohort LIVE session

Weekly Check-in

Weekly Check-in

Weekly Check-in

Schedule a 1:1 with Radhika (complimentary 1st call when you are in the cohort)

About the creator

About the creator

Radhika Mohta

Radhika is a Matchmaker and Relationship Coach. She has enabled over 4,000 singles with their life partner search. She believes that dating is about self-discovery and social connection. It is a piece of cake when you know that you are the cake and anyone else can only be the icing. 

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